Thursday, 4 April 2013

French Curve

“Wrap me in the folds of elegance and drape me in the essence of grace.”
- Purple Rain

It is rare to find perfection in detailing and beauty in structure. I have great respect for designers who can capture the true soul of style in their clothing. Anjali Sharma, Designer & Owner, Studio French Curve, is a remarkable lady who manages to create a yearning for gorgeous clothing through her exquisite designs. 

French Curve offers an exclusive line of high end prêt western wear for today's woman. They cater to independent and confident women who live all over the world. Anjali Sharma launched French Curve in December 2005, after 15 years of experience in the garment industry as an R&D Head- Global Labels for five years and a Senior Faculty with NIFT for over 10 years. The two labels from the studio are FRENCHCURVE, which is a beautifully minimal western prêt line, and ANJALISHARMA which deals with exquisite Indian traditional garments with an exceptional edge. French Curve has a reputation for amazing quality and skilled craftsmanship. Discover an exhilarating world of exclusive bridal trousseau, Indian ethnic traditional wear and chic western attire.

Here are some excerpts from a chat with the lovely Ms. Sharma:

Sarees are a big market for Studio French Curve – What is it that your customers essentially look for?? What is the age group that comes asking for a saree blouse? Is the purchase event influenced or do you see women investing in a good saree and a blouse for their regular wear?  

Saees are traditional Indian wear and accepted by the masses. ANJALISHARMA sarees are beautifully structured with subtle and minimal work and can be worn for easier occasions like lunches, pre and post wedding events, dinners, and cocktails. It is the ANJALISHARMA blouses/ cholis  that can upscale or down scale a sari.
Our customers vary across a broad age group. The events that lead them to Studio French Curve can be very selective buying- it could be something as small as a lunch or as big as their own wedding! Once they are in the studio door, they are hooked!

How would you define a saree?

Saree is derived from the Prakrit word “SH^ADI” (which means a drape). From Vedic times, the Indian women (initially men too!!) have covered themselves with an unstitched top garment and a lower garment. The lower garment which was draped in all sorts of ways and made in all sorts of absolutely exquisite materials ranging from sheer (! in the Mauryan Times) to very thick (Gupta Period), continued because of its wearability and sheer practicality, and is now the modern saree!
So, a saree is a beautiful unstitched garment for a woman which is draped with endless possibilities.

What does a saree blouse signify for you? Why do you think it is important for women to have perfect blouses?

The female anatomy calls for maximum fit requirements between the bust and the hip area. A well fitted saree blouse/ choli ensures one does not require the support of lingerie (the fact that there are darts to hold the bust fullness).
At French Curve we play around a lot with the dart intake and try out various aspects of the fit that sets us apart from the rest.

What are the trends you see for sarees and saree blouses for the coming season of Spring and Summer 2013?

We expect an outburst of color...the subdued version of vibrancy, minimal bling with textures, unexpected color amalgamation, pops of color accents as prints/ embroideries/ embellishments.
On our our cholis/ saree blouses we expect to surprise everyone with sheer craftsmanship!

Studio French Curve is a part of FDCI and has also featured at the London Premier Fashion Week 2010 and Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2011.

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Photo Courtesy: Shreya Jallan Photography


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