Sunday, 26 October 2014

TLB - The Leather Boutique

Purple Rain has been on a long sabbatical and I had an absolute blast with this post. What better way to make a comeback than with one of my favorite stores, The Leather Boutique! Also, this was my first shoot with Soumya Kuber. She is an extremely talented photographer and great fun to work with.

Photos: Soumya Kuber

I love the tenacity of ever-changing fashion that is governed by a reversed time cycle. I love the constants that form the foundation for the extreme. I love the fact that through a haze of ‘new’, there will always be a proud and firmly standing ‘old’.

I think that new trends will always be tempting and adventurous but there is a certain appeal and strong affinity for the basic elegance of classic style. The Leather Boutique is one of my favorite stores and this is my second post about them because clearly I can’t seem to get enough. The excellent craftsmanship of gorgeous bags, the fine detailing of their stunning leather jackets, the sophisticated tinge of haute couture, I could wax eloquent about TLB for days.

The Leather Boutique recently launched its Autumn/Winter-14 collection of leather jackets and accessories with a campaign that strives to bring awareness of the versatility of leather jackets to the Indian market. "With our range of styles and colors we are setting out to illustrate how leather jackets can fit all occasions - a BBQ, an evening out or even the office. It's no longer something that one pulls out of the closet only on the eve of a trip abroad. Leather's now at home in India too. Leather jackets can be a perfect complement to an ensemble, and can and should figure in our everyday attire," says Jayanti Bhattacharya, head of Marketing and Communications, TLB. 

In this post, I picked two of my favorite jackets from the store, along with two stunning bags to match. The pink jacket was just right for a Sunday brunch look while the darker green coat was more ideal for a chilly Fall day. What I absolutely love about both jackets is how they give you the feeling of a warm bear hug, cozy and delicious. They are comfortable, with the fit being absolutely perfect. Don’t get me started about the bags. The multi-weave yellow and the tangerine red are two of my happy colors. They add a splash of life to any outfit that they are matched with. As bags, they are not just beautiful to look at, but they are extremely functional and sturdy as well. There are plenty of designs and patterns to choose from in both, bags and jackets which you will see when you visit the store or check out their website.
Timeless and classic, TLB offers you the best way to stay sensible and stylish, always! 

TLB – The Leather Boutique


  1. Dear Purple Rain,
    It's wonderful to see the blog up and running again. Your writing style is as fresh and relevant as ever. The choice of apparel and accessories is perfect. Hope to see many more columns from you. The photographer works well with your style of work. Overall Excellent work. Keep it up!

    1. Thank You so much :) Really appreciate it!

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