Thursday, 9 July 2015

Annie's Day

I positively love the fact that the 50s are making a comeback and how! I have never felt so twirly and swirly as I did in my floral printed midi skirt. I kept the outfit simple by teaming it with a white shirt and nude flats. My pearl jewellery was just a sophisticated addition to the overall summery vibe. 

Bridal showers are pretty. They’re pretty and delicate and all things feminine. There are flowers and chocolates, and gifts and girls in pretty dresses with pretty sashes. There’s a tinge of romance in the air and a strong aura of female solidarity. Women are fierce creatures with a passion that underlies their very existence. And when a group of beautiful women come together to celebrate a friend, a sister, another woman, it is a glorious occasion that embodies the purity of love.

Annie is a dear friend and the epitome of sunshine. I have met very few people who radiate the kind of joy and positivity that she does. It is people like Annie that deserve a bridal shower, a special day to feel every bit of the princess that she truly is. In her vintage midi and cherry red heels, Annie had a sparkle in her eyes and a bounce in her step that seeped into the flowers and candles and brought about a distinct glow to the already happy afternoon. The gift hampers, the games, the prizes, everything was organized to perfection. The food was delicious, the Sangria was fruity and the ladies were absolutely delightful.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of beauty to find a little bit of peace.




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